Tre Canne is placed in an exclusive location, at hundred meters distance from the sea. Its central position, the closeness of the Budva Old city, the city marine, the Budva Fair, as well as the promenade along the coast and the wonderful beaches nearby, make Tre Canne's position obviously supreme.
It is an amazing feeling for a bystander who comes across the for the first time. Only the look at the highest and most modern construction in Budva is an impression for itself, not to mention its outlook, functionality, equipment and contents that leaves no one indifferent. Tre Canne is stretching on a gross acreage of around 37000 square meters, consisting of two underground floors, common ground floor from which three towers are being erected - a central one of fourteen floors and two smaller one, eight floors each.
Tre Canne is an apartment complex, consisted of 275 luxury apartment units of different kind and surface. Inside the apartments, floor will be covered with best quality wood species - “Artinjan” oak flooring. Beside wood, floors will be covered with marble and granite, either inside the apartments either in halls and corridors, and we guarantee the best quality interior wood joinery.
Smaller towers have eight floors and big one has fourteen floors plus the ground floor and two sublevel garages of which one is destinated as private and other as public garage. Total space is covered with the gas detection system, video surveillance, fire protection sprinkler system as well as the traffic signaling. One of the newest things on our market is access control system in the apartments, private garage and elevators which is an additional safety guarantee to the tenants and hotel guests.
Swimming pool on the central tower is extended on the surface of 100 sqm with main purpose of swimming and relaxing and it is equipped with lying, sitting, standing and walking massage system. Swimming pools on the smaller towers are extended on the surface of 71 sqm and are equipped with hydro and aero massage systems for sitting position, as well as geysers for standing massage.
Wellness with its content that brings the mind and body balance and revitalization is composed of salt rooms that have an excellent therapeutic effect on human health, finnish dry saunas where the relative air humidity is 2-10% and air temperature is 90 degrees Celsius, steam baths with integrated aroma therapy system where the air temperature is about 45 degrees Celsius, while the relative humidity is 100%, tepidarium equipped with acoustics and lighting, as well as modern fitness centre.

Lately Montenegro has been proclaimed a top world touristic destination, mostly due to its unspoiled nature. Budva as well, populary named as a “tourism metropolis” represents a most visited destination in Montenegro, thanks to its wonderful beaches and warm sea, to the connection between the old and modern architecture, the meeting of cultures, and manifestations organized throughout the whole year.


Efficient use of energy includes application of energy efficient materials, devices, systems and technologies available in the market, with the aim of reducing the energy consumption while achieving the same effect (heating, cooling, lighting, cooking process, washing and similar). More than 80% of energy in households and public facilities is spent on heating, cooling and hot water consumption, and most of that energy is electricity. Condo hotel in Budva, according to its geographical position and orientation, has all the preconditions for efficient use of renewable energy sources, as well as other resources offered in nature in abundance. Having all this in mind, the building was designed so that it technologically implies use of the most contemporary systems for adequate consumption of sun energy. In such technological concept we have envisaged supply of suits, technical premises, laundry rooms, restaurants, business premises, pools etc. with hot water receiving its energy directly from sun rays, in all seasons, with minimum consumption of electricity for eventual additional heating in unfavorable weather conditions, through a centralized system. This approach significantly reduced use of conventional boilers, which represent a large impact on energy system, and of course to the future users' budget.
Since every energy efficient system depends on more mutually connected components, condo hotel took a step further in environmentally and financially responsible process of future exploitation of the building. Namely, the structure of facade walls, firefighting facade parapet walls, partition walls in certain functional units is envisaged as a system with very low heat conductivity. The planned semi-structural facade in the system SCHUCO has exceptional thermal-insulation characteristics (thermal bridges, technical junction solutions, connections of individual elements and similar), while the glass package on the facade itself is at the level of the best ones (high light conductivity factor, low solar factor degree), offering us a high level of resistance to thermal energy absorption in the summer period, and exceptional capacity of preventing heat losses in the winter period. The planned „multi split system“ for heating and cooling of individual functional units, from a well known Japanese manufacturer TOSHIBA, has exceptional efficiency parameter for the cooling i.e. heating cycle, and largely contributes to efficiency of the building.


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Fab Live company ( is the oldest and largest Montenegrin company whose main business activitiy is manufacturing aluminum doors and windows and glass facades. Company is employing about 180 employees in various sectors.